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OK—Here is the real scoop: We are small, we are experienced, and we have the reviews. If Arby has the Meats, Catskill Country has the HOMES and the experience to settle you into a new home or sell you out of your current one. Make one call, send one email, type one text to us. That’s it. We make all the arrangements, discuss your needs, and take you through the process so your business gets done and you can move on to where you need to go. Although we keep on telling our clients 845-492-0261 is not a magic telephone number, some have written that if it weren’t for contacting us here, they’d still be waiting to move in or out. We’ll leave our reviews to speak to you.

If our almost 100 reviews aren’t enough to sway you to call 845-492-0261, we hope to see you on the other side of the closing table.

John Kavaller, Broker and Realtor®
Phone: 845-492-0261 Fax: 888-252-0313

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