3 Reasons Why A Professional Real Estate Agent Is The Only Good Source For A Home Valuation

FSBOThe housing market is tough, and the competition is fierce. Being aware of how much a home is worth before putting it on the market can save money, time, and frustration. For this reason, it’s wise to hire a professional real estate agent.

Real Estate Agents Know the Market

Understandably, it would save money to skip the real estate agent all together and do a For Sale by Owner transaction. One thing homeowners may not realize is the amount of work involved with selling a home. Without knowing property value, owners may charge too much for their homes. Over priced homes often sit on the market without so much as a nibble.

Real estate agents know how all about property trends, how to research the market, and how to find the best value for a home. Thus, they can price homes competitively to entice potential buyers instead of scaring them away.

They Know How Make a Home More Appealing To Potential Buyers

Homeowners should make sure their homes are clean and clutter free before listing them on the market. Also, a real estate agent may even suggest hiring a home stager.

A professional stager can do wonders for helping to sell home fast by increasing its appeal to attract as many potential buyers as possible. Staging a house allows for a higher closing price and staged homes tend to sell an average of 81 percent faster.

Real Estate Agents Know How To Find The Right Buyers

It isn’t enough to list a home, put up for sale signs and hope the right buyer appears. Real estate agents conduct a screening process for potential buyers. With the knowledge of a home’s actual market value, the agent is armed with all the information he or she needs to get the most money. If necessary, the home valuation will allow the agent to negotiate fairly.

Yes, it’s true, not all real estate agents are created equal. But, the truth is, not utilizing the expertise and wisdom of a good real estate agent is just asking for trouble. In fact, cutting out a real estate agent may waste both time but money. When deciding to sell a home, homeowners should ask for referrals from trusted friends and family and consult professional organizations like National Association of Realtors (NAR). Homeowners should contact  John Kavaller, principal broker at Catskill Country Real Estate, for an up to date, home pricing analysis with no obligation to list.