Resorts World Catskills–Comprehensive Update

It’s been two months, and the casino is settling in.  The anticipation, and now reality, of having a full scale gambling and extended entertainment venue in Sullivan County, NY is beginning to take shape along many fronts.  Read the extended article and listen to the podcast for a fuller understanding of the what Resorts World Catskills is doing and how it is effecting the local economy and infrastructure.

Sullivan County NY Sales Data 2018

For 2017, home sales in Sullivan County NY increased by 2.2 percent with end of year total accounting for 590 home purchases.  Median prices rose from $128,000 to $135,000 accounting for a 5.5 % increase from 2016 levels.  Medium pricing is defined by 50 percent of homes sold fall above $135,000 with the remaining 50% falling below that number.  (See Local Realtors: Pace of home sales largely returning to prerecession levels)

Local Sullivan County brokers anticipate stronger sales for 2018 with many more showings occurring in the usually slower winter months.  The “Casino Effect” has shaped the Monticello, NY market to some extent by creating excitement and new motivation for home buyers to consider buying while commercial investors continue to eye the area to determine long term investment potential.

Overall, realtors® are optimistic 2018 will continue the upward trend with m.)ore buyers and somewhat higher pricing due to stronger demand.  The rental market is being driven by the new casino housing demands while other businesses continue to expand job opportunity creating a better return on investment for rental property.

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Welcome to Resorts World Catskills

Click on above link for full information on this brand new Destination Resort.  Graphic contained in this post is the property of Resorts World Catskills.

The Naive Broker

Naive-BrokerPeople are moral, honest, ethical, forthcoming, praiseworthy, and sincere until they aren’t.  In my real estate business, I’ve found that the very bottom line for many is maximizing the dollar advantage—and that’s as it should be except….

The tactics often used to extract the highest price for the seller or the lowest price for the buyer involves some magical maneuvers and sleight of hand.  Add a dash of obfuscation, misleading variance, and self serving rhetoric and you can simplify the strategy all in one word—you figure out that word.

Now, before I set out some examples, I want to disclose that I am not perfect and have made many mistakes in my life time.  Now collecting Social Security, I’ve been around the block a time or two and had enough time to apologize for my own failures albeit on only an occasional basis—place your smilie face here.

So—No, I don’t claim Sainthood just yet and business is still business; but I’d like to think that my reviews speak well of me and you’ll want to contact me so I can help you reach your real estate goals.  My wife of 42 years will also appreciate your business.

From the Seller Side:

There is mold in the basement, but don’t tell any one.

What buried oil tank?

Yes, the driveway is within the boundary lines of the property-well maybe not but how would they know?

Septic system was inspected last year and works as it should.  The home inspector is wrong.

OK—so the deed isn’t in my name, I still want to sell the property.

I own the house free and clear just taxes are unpaid.

My home is fully insulated.

Who needs a radon or water test?

Carpenter ants?  No. The ones I’ve seen were carrying leaves, not  hammers.


From the Buyer’s Side:

I have enough cash on hand to cover the down payment and closing costs.

My wife and I are both working long term jobs and have good credit.

My in-laws will co-sign the mortgage.

We want to buy without seeing the place.

We don’t need a home inspection, we’re using cash.

We called the bank and they said we could buy a home.

I know the difference between a Buyer’s Agent & Seller’s Agent.

I don’t need a local attorney to handle the purchase.

Title Insurance?  Mr. is fine with me.


In conclusion–In real estate, life, and business:  Don’t believe everything you’ve been told unless it can be proved.

My Favorite Client Quote:  The Home I am selling is worth a lot more than the buyer offered.  The home I am buying is worth a lot less than than the seller is asking.

Real Estate Investment: Three Telltale Signs You’re Not Cut Out to Be a Landlord

The idea of purchasing a property and having renters can be an exciting business venture that offers lucrative financial rewards. However, there’s a lot involved in being a successful landlord and it’s important to be aware of what’s required before making the commitment. Whether you’re investing in one rental property or five, here are some questions you should ask yourself before getting involved.

Can You Do-It-Yourself?

There’s a lot more to being a landlord than taking the rental check, and one of these things is being there for the tenant when push comes to shove. If there are issues with the heating or the fridge breaks down, you’re going to be the one who has to facilitate or complete the repair, so you’ll need to have the wherewithal to fix problems effectively. While there are many situations where a repairperson can help, having some DIY skills goes a long way towards turning a better profit.

Do You Have The Time?

Weeks and even months may go by where your tenant requires little to nothing from you, but if you own an older property or have several renters, even maintaining the place can get to be quite a bit of a chore. It can be a good expenditure to have a contractor take care of these issues, but you’ll still have to use your time to find the right person and oversee the budget. If you already have a pretty full schedule, being a landlord will add a lot more to the pile.

Can You Deal With The Risk?

It can be easy to turn a profit if you have a renter, but if you happen to own property in a vacation area or a community on a downturn, it may be more difficult to find renters consistently. There may be periods of time where tenants are scarce, and this means that you’ll have to be comfortable with financial instability in order to weather the storm. While the moneymaking months can make up for the off-season, if you doubt your ability to take on the financial risk, this may not be the right choice.

Being a landlord is a considerable responsibility that will require you to take on financial risk and serve your tenants effectively and efficiently. If you’re thinking of becoming a landlord and are looking for a rental property, contact John Kavaller. He has vast experience and will share the “ins and outs” of how to buy, maintain, and meet the many challenges associated with income producing properties.

Funny Man With The Bushy Eyebrows

It’s Christmas Eve day and warm for late December in Otisville, New York.  Well not quite Otisville, actually Mount Hope.  That’s sort of true, Catskill Country Real Estate is in the Town of Mount Hope, but our office address is actually Middletown, NY 10940.

It’s not easy having a difficult address to define or having bushy eyebrows.  Marilyn keeps trying to sit me down for a haircut and calm conversation.  Clippers out, comb, scissors and that awful buzzing sound fill my ears—oh—they need a buzz cut too.

TMI—yes I know.  Nobody really cares about haircuts these days—especially earcuts.  Well maybe barbers do, but I’d have to go to Facebook in that there seems to be a good deal of interest in photos of just about anything.  Updating status must include personal information about personal grooming—hold on, let me check Twitter too ……………………………………………

Yep—just as I suspected.  All the social network platforms show the broker with the bushy eyebrows is trending and may go viral.  There seems to be an unusual amount of static about busy real estate brokers, interest rates moving upward, and the Polar Vortex simmering down.

It’s been a very busy year for Catskill Country.  We’ve closed many transactions, formed more solid relationships with other real estate firms and REALTORS®, helped a number of folks get into homes, and expanded our services to a multi county territory.

Our reviews are moving steadily upward as we seek to maximize our relationships with new clients, referrals, and our advertising venues.  Our budget allows us to profile thousands of homes on our two websites making it easy for consumers to research and review almost too much information.

The one key difference between Catskill Country and our competitors centers on my absolute commitment to immediate contact with anyone wanting more information about real estate.  We welcome all questions and respond almost as soon as we are contacted so you aren’t waiting around for answers.

I  have bushy eyebrows  but– I understand how to listen and bring your real estate goals into focus, and accomplish the mission of helping you buy or sell property in the Mid-Hudson and Catskills Region of New York State.

Monticello’s New Urgent Care Facility

facilityThe Times Herald Record has reported a new urgent care facility will be operational in 2017.  Located on the corner of Route 42 and Concord Road,  “CRMG, which is a corollary to Catskill Regional Medical Center in Harris and is part of the Greater Hudson Valley Health System, will open the 11,500-square-foot facility on nearly 14 acres.”

Get A Job

JobGet a job—that’s right—get a job at Montreign.  Come 2018, the resort/casino will be up and running.  Perhaps some training will help you secure your future In Sullivan County.

Vice President Charles Degliomini explains the types of opportunities arriving in Monticello shortly.  Find out how what will be available once the project is completed and open in 2018.

Z Living/Veria Nature Cure & Ayurvedic Wellness Center

Veria UpdateLocated at the former Kutsher’s site, Veria is continuing its march toward completion sometime in 2017. According to Town of Thompson supervisor Bill Rieber, the project is on track and will and feature 131 rooms with almost 300,000 square feet, two story wellness center.

Details and Times-Herald Record article