Kartrite Hotel and Indoor Waterpark at Resorts World Casino

The Kartite Hotel and Indoor Waterpark will open in 2019.  Here is a brief update.  Find more news and information here.  Coupling the casino, golf course, and waterpark brings Sullivan County, NY Hospitality to a new level.

The Patient Broker

My clients aren’t robots, all seeing, or expected to commit their full attention to the pursuit of property ownership. When work, family activities, and necessities need attention, they come first. Real estate goals get pushed down the priority list. Finding a home requires due diligence and the time to fully explore available opportunities. Having your best friend’s wedding on your agenda probably isn’t the best time to schedule a home showing. If you’re taking Mom to the Doctor, you’ll probably need to reschedule our appointment.

Text Me. Email Me. Meme Me. Friend Me. Send the pic now. Who’s That? When Are You Coming? Where Do I Go Now? Send Me The Train Schedule. Hey–let’s slow down a little.

Let’s make sure you have a clear mind, focused purpose, and enjoyable experience. It isn’t every day you get to decide where to live. I won’t rush you, cajole, leverage, or sell you anything. What I will do is be PATIENT and expedite. You’ll get to see as many properties at it takes to get you seated in your new neighborhood.

I’ll suggest providers who will complete your home inspection, draw your contract of sale or purchase, survey, repair, issue title, pressure test the underground oil tank, mow and plow, sweep your chimney, get you a loan. And maybe a dozen other things you may need as you travel through the buying or selling process.

Cell phone, computers, and tablets are the tools of my trade. Let’s schedule the showing when you have time. And if you’re late, I’ll be PATIENT.

4 Tips for Getting More Out of Your Time Off

Time off from work can be exciting, relaxing, and fun, but when we pack too much into our days away from the office, we can return feeling like we need a vacation! Below are four easy tips for getting more out of your time off.

Break your routine. To make your vacation feel like a vacation, break your old routine. If you check your phone first thing in the morning, go for a walk instead. Eat a large breakfast with your family instead of a quick bite of toast. Swap that late-night TV session for a board game or book, or a glass of wine and conversation.

Set a small personal goal. Want to exercise every day? Read an entire book? Set a personal intention for your time off so you can feel accomplished at the end. Make sure your goal is doable and gentle so you don’t stress yourself out.

Unplug. By now, you likely know that your smartphone makes it harder to remain in the present moment. Set an auto-responder on your email, let your close friends and family know you’re checking out so no one worries, and try to spend at least a full 24 hours without staring at your pocket screen.

Do something new. As adults, it’s often rare to try a brand-new experience. Never snorkeled? Hiked more than five miles? Tried a specific cuisine? Whether you’re heading off to a new destination or just spending a few days with your family at the house, choose a new activity, enlist a friend, and get to it.

I hope you found this helpful. Contact me for more insights and info.

5 Positive Things to Do When Stuck in Traffic

Sitting in traffic can be a major mood drain. When it happens at the start of the day, it can leave you feeling grouchy for hours. Below are a handful of things to keep you happy while staring at the bumper in front of you.

Dig into an audio book. This is the most obvious choice for making commute times fly by. A good book can turn hours into minutes and can even leave you sitting in your office parking lot with the radio on.

Try a podcast. If you’re not into audio books, don’t write off podcasts. From home improvements to love advice and comedy hours, there are so many high quality podcasts available you’re sure to find something to lift your mood. Bonus: most of these podcasts are absolutely free.

Voice memos. Are you a creative? Make use of your traffic time by leaving yourself voice memos. Tackle your to-do lists, make notes on a current project, or even write a novel while sitting in your car. There are many apps these days that turn voice memos into written documents, so even if you’re not working on a creative project, write an email to a friend or family member and boost your relationships from the comfort of your car.

Meditative breathing. While it’s not safe to meditate while operating a motor vehicle, you can breathe your way to a more blissful state by focusing on your inhalations and exhalations. Look into meditative breathing practices and try them out in the car. At best, you will arrive at your destination with a clear, calm mind. At worst, your bod will be full of fresh oxygen.

Practice positive thinking. Positive thinking can offer endless benefits, from a boosted mood to manifesting great things, like that new job you’ve been after. Instead of grumbling your way through bumper-to-bumper, spend your commute imagining positive changes. Focus on that dream vacation you’re saving up for, the new home you hope to have one day, finding a new relationship or adopting a puppy or kitten.

Like this update? As your local real estate professional, I can provide more great tips like this and answer any real estate information questions you may have. Contact me today!

Funny Man With The Bushy Eyebrows

It’s Christmas Eve day and warm for late December in Otisville, New York.  Well not quite Otisville, actually Mount Hope.  That’s sort of true, Catskill Country Real Estate is in the Town of Mount Hope, but our office address is actually Middletown, NY 10940.

It’s not easy having a difficult address to define or having bushy eyebrows.  Marilyn keeps trying to sit me down for a haircut and calm conversation.  Clippers out, comb, scissors and that awful buzzing sound fill my ears—oh—they need a buzz cut too.

TMI—yes I know.  Nobody really cares about haircuts these days—especially earcuts.  Well maybe barbers do, but I’d have to go to Facebook in that there seems to be a good deal of interest in photos of just about anything.  Updating status must include personal information about personal grooming—hold on, let me check Twitter too ……………………………………………

Yep—just as I suspected.  All the social network platforms show the broker with the bushy eyebrows is trending and may go viral.  There seems to be an unusual amount of static about busy real estate brokers, interest rates moving upward, and the Polar Vortex simmering down.

It’s been a very busy year for Catskill Country.  We’ve closed many transactions, formed more solid relationships with other real estate firms and REALTORS®, helped a number of folks get into homes, and expanded our services to a multi county territory.

Our reviews are moving steadily upward as we seek to maximize our relationships with new clients, referrals, and our advertising venues.  Our budget allows us to profile thousands of homes on our two websites making it easy for consumers to research and review almost too much information.

The one key difference between Catskill Country and our competitors centers on my absolute commitment to immediate contact with anyone wanting more information about real estate.  We welcome all questions and respond almost as soon as we are contacted so you aren’t waiting around for answers.

I  have bushy eyebrows  but– I understand how to listen and bring your real estate goals into focus, and accomplish the mission of helping you buy or sell property in the Mid-Hudson and Catskills Region of New York State.

Snake Oil-Spam

SnakeIt’s been around since humans crawled out of caves. How many times have we all heard: “If it sounds too good  to be true, it usually is.”?

My email in-box is filled with spam. Warranties, drugs, sex, religion, windows, art, phony invoices, bank phishing scams, Nigerian money laundering schemes, personal ads, flashlights, investments, IRS false notifications, and on and on. . .

The constant parade of unsolicited and unwanted trash keeps piling up and I keep on creating filters that get beaten. I estimate 70 % or more email I receive is garbage. The most ridiculous nonsense imaginable.

The emails with executable attached files are dangerous and usually involve locking your computer up for ransom. As soon as you hit open on the attached file, your computer screen freezes and an extortion note appears.

Free this and Free that—Hey folks—it bears repeating: Nothing is FREE—I repeat NOTHING. We fall prey to the “something for nothing” pitch because we haven’t thought through just what we’re paying in return for whatever snake oil the pitchman is dealing.

Take Google Maps for instance: You allow Google to track your whereabouts. As long as your phone is on and connected to the internet, those with access can track you down anywhere and at any time. Hence, you are sacrificing privacy for convenience. In other words, the app isn’t free.

In the information age, business employs tools to slice and dice our habits and targets our profiles with specific information almost guaranteed to be of interest to us. Whatever they’ve “given” you isn’t free.

Spam is snake oil. I have received 15 spam emails in the last 30 minutes while writing this post. I simply have given up on privacy and decided I don’t care who knows what about me—doesn’t matter if I care or not anyway, Big Brother is here and every two bit con artist who knows the back end of computer code is trying to hack your devices as you read this article.

BE CAREFUL—IT’S A WILD AND UNPROTECTED WORLD WITH JUST A THIN SLICE OF ICING OVER THE BARB WIRE. Please re-read 1984. And BTW, contact me if you want to buy or sell real estate in Orange, Ulster, or Sullivan County, NY – you’ll get the same candor.

The Joyous Broker

J KavallerYou’ve saved, dreamed, and agonized over the decision. But, you finally made it. You’ve decided it’s time to buy a home. You’ve spoken to a mortgage person, received a prequalification letter, and you’re ready to begin looking for a property fitting your requirements and emotional temperment.

You’ve read a number or articles, spoken to your spouse for the hundreth time, and hit all the popular listing sites in search of homes in your school district. Time to call a REALTOR®.

“HI, you’ve reached Joan Jamed Up. Can’t come to the phone right now, but I want your business even if I never answer the phone. Nope, that gal just won’t do.” So you move down the internet list. On the fourth call, you get Bonnie Bet We Can’t Find You Anything in Your Price Range. 30 seconds later you’re deflated, not excited, and ready to hang up phone calls for the day.

Then, a dim memory wakes you up and you remember your Aunt Nan told you about an agent that had helped sell her Dad’s place several months ago. Nancy raved about the guy–but who was it? The most impressive memory of the agent was his joyous approach to helping my aunt sell. “Wait a minute, was this guy happy b/c he got a listing to sell? Or was he happy to help Nan get things in order so the place could be sold? Or–maybe a little bit of both?”

No way to know–I suppose the point is–when you engage an agent, hopefully some joy will accompany the process. Of course it’s hard work to find what you’re looking for and at the right price. And that is stressful, but there should also be excitment and joy expressed. It’s a real adventure and challenge. A warm and sincere smile from your broker, along with the skill and experience to get you to closing is a welcome attitude that often goes a long way to put the process in perspective.

Gratitude: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You: Thanksgiving For Real

TG 01All too often, true thanksgiving gets shelved in favor of Black Friday. How much money will retailers make and consumers spend? Evidently, the smell of money and shopping is the only relevant conversation for the country as publicized by media.

Acknowledging our beloved nation and world are burdened by problems of mankind’s own making, it’s even more important to realize the gifts bestowed upon us.

Here is a personal list (Not All Inclusive) of things for which I am grateful:

My parents

My grandparents and ancestors

My wife

My children

My grandchildren

Living in the USA

Raising my family in the USA

Worshipping as I please

Expressing myself as I please

Voting for whom I please

My individuality

My 2 careers

Citizens Rights & Responsibilities

My Neighbors


Police Officers

Second Responders

The Second Amendment

God’s grace


My Holiday wish to All: May you all be richly rewarded in kind measure.

Millie-My Min-Pin

CamelMillie thinks she is a camel-way bigger than she really is. Actually, she’s a miniature pinscher who barks when you exit our house and jumps in your lap when you enter. Unless you’re a nasty critter yourself, Millie will get on your lap for a quick kiss and paw to your hand.

She will paw that hand until you either pet her belly or show her the way off your lap. Being short haired, Millie finds great comfort in wrapping herself up in the most available blanket. Turning three times to make sure no snakes are nesting or trying to escape OZ, she then plunks down with a sigh—content to take, yet again, another nap.

Although we have not timed Millie’s waking hours, we estimate she keeps her eyes open about 3 hours out of 24. These days, she remains sound asleep in our bed, submerged in that king size bed and cuddled in, even after we come home. Marilyn and I hope Millie will rouse herself if a stranger decides to say hello.

A dog to the Manner Born is this black and brown gal. Millie was bred to look just like a Doberman pinscher but actually is part of the Terrier family tree. At birth, many min-pins have their ears trimmed and tails docked thereby simulating the larger Doberman breed and that’s how Millie came to us.

She is a star nuzzler rubbing her head on your chest and pushing her 13 pounds up against your body. Millie would do this occasionally when younger. Now, she will continue to nuzzle until you change positions. Remember, she’s 70 years old and I suppose she’s entitled to some extra affection and maybe we are too.

Millie Pic

Our pets make life more domestic and tolerable. After a miserable bad hair day, you get a boost when that tail starts wagging and you are greeted with that “I am so glad to see you” gesture. Even with all the expense and extra work, we cling to our 4 legged critters because they love us well and unconditionally.

“A dog teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance, and to turn around three times before lying down.” ― Robert Benchley