Chinese Investment in Orange County, NY

Mid-Hudson Investments-Chinese See The Value in Orange County, NY

Chinese Investment Money in Orange County NYChinese entrepreneurs have landed in the Mid-Hudson. Where Eastern European and Canadian money once cascaded, a waterfall of Asian wealth is moving the Orange County, NY economy.

The Times Herarld Record is reporting that 33 million ( has already been spent on land purchases alone in 2015 and more acquisitions are coming.

According to Steve Israel, Record Reporter: “The purchases identified include the New York Military Academy in Cornwall and the Hudson Valley Resort in Kerhonkson, both of which developers want to revive. Other plans call for TV studios at a farm developers bought in Deerpark and construction of a new country inn for Woodbury Common shoppers at a former prison in Warwick.”

Just why are the Chinese investing in the Mid-Hudson?

  • It’s close to New York City which provides a large population of prospective tourists
  • It’s inexpensive when compared to the New York City, New Jersey real estate market
  • It’s pristine providing environmentally friendly resources and keenly sought after fresh air

Orange County has a bright future ahead. Investment continues to pour in and there’s nothing better than building based on the tried and true formula so dear to American Business psychology. “Build it and they will come.”