Deal Breakers

Deal Killer

Let me share the BAD News upfront. Here is a list of possible DEAL BREAKERS. Not in any specific priority order, you may find a deal going all the way south based on a single objection or combination of factors noted here. This is not an all inclusive list, but does cover a number of reasons why sales fail.


*Buyer fails to qualify for a loan

*Taxes are verified but unacceptable to buyer

*Agreed upon purchase price is not supported by bank appraisal

*Home inspection is unsatisfactory to potential buyer

*Buyer and seller cannot reach compromises on any number of issues

*Communication styles and or personality conflicts destroy trust and ruin the process

*Negative material facts are uncovered precluding moving to closing

*Personal property included in sale removed prior to closing

*Substantial damage/vandalism/lack of maintenance apparent prior to closing occurs

*No certificate of occupancy

*Inability to convey clear title

*Flood insurance required but not known or discussed while negotiating

*Unreliable, bogus, unverifiable information discovered (i.e. survey, liens, cloud on title issues, etc.)

*Buyer’s remorse

*Seller’s remorse

*Family interference suggesting the purchase or sale is unwise

*Haunting, murder, child molester, bad neighbor, unsuitable business nearby

*Trees, poles, appurtenances that may fall upon or encroach upon home and or property

*No WiFi, cable, TV, cell phone services available

*Flooding hazard

*Home Owner Association Rules and or fees

*No trash, pick up, no snow plowing, lawn maintenance unavailable, private road maintenance poor or worse, entry/exit accessibility issues (Right of Way-Easement-etc.)

*Offensive odors: For example pet, smoking, industrial

*Power line proximity

*Water and septic system problems


Good News

A skilled real estate broker & REALTOR® will help you evaluate these deal killers effectively. Realistic and practical decisions must be made. Moving forward, re-negotiating price, or exiting a purchase or sale are options to carefully consider with your professional real estate representative.