Deal Makers

Please find reasons that encourage buyers to complete the purchase process. This is not a comprehensive or all inclusive list.

Deal Maker

Buyers pay cash, provide loan approval (Note: A prequalification letter is not a loan approval)

Taxes are in line with community assessments and acceptable to buyer

Agreed upon price is supported by bank appraisal

Home inspection is satisfactory to potential buyer

Buyer and seller are able to reach compromise on any number of issues

Communication styles are conducive to building trust

Material facts are disclosed and discussed. No surprises that preclude moving forward

Negotiated items included in sale remain as agreed to

At closing, the property is found to be substantially in the same condition as originally shown

All certificates of occupancy, permits, and code requirements meet legal standards

Clear title is provided

Flood insurance is required by lender and buyer is informed of flooding possibilities

Information gained is reliable, factual, verifiable and known by buyer

Family and well wishers realize the buyers know their own needs and have competent pros in place

No circumstances discovered preclude moving forward with a purchase

Buyers have satisfied themselves their due diligence has discovered no reasons to cancel the deal

All appropriate services are available

Flooding hazard accepted and or mitigated

Home Owner Association rules and or fees are acceptable

Basic services are available as well as entrance and exit to and from the property

No offensive odors apparent

Power line proximity is not an issue

Its a deal b

When you need help, contact me and we’ll make the deal work to your best advantage.