Gaming License Hold Up

BeefSo, what’s the hold up with issuing a gaming license to the four NYS casinos given the nod to build?

It’s not unreasonable to swallow the State’s explanation that background checks are arduous paper chases or that new regulations need a good bit of time to be formulated. And these factors may play a part in the months long licensing process.

But—to my way of thinking, the hold up has more to do with giving the casino operators more time to prep the acreage where the casinos will be built. Logging operations, road, building, water and sewer preparation, county planning, and other factors are being prepared while the public waits for licensing.

NYS stipulated casinos must be operating within 24 months of licensing. In essence, I believe the regulators have already guaranteed they will be issued. This unpublicized go ahead has given casino builders almost a full year to begin the site work.

If all goes as expected, New York State will issue the final paper needed to proceed with casino building at the end of December 2015. It will be full steam ahead and a mad dash to complete the approved projects. Although my opinion isn’t based on any inside knowledge, it makes good sense the hold up is about site prep and not background/regulation preparation.