Gratitude: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You: Thanksgiving For Real

TG 01All too often, true thanksgiving gets shelved in favor of Black Friday. How much money will retailers make and consumers spend? Evidently, the smell of money and shopping is the only relevant conversation for the country as publicized by media.

Acknowledging our beloved nation and world are burdened by problems of mankind’s own making, it’s even more important to realize the gifts bestowed upon us.

Here is a personal list (Not All Inclusive) of things for which I am grateful:

My parents

My grandparents and ancestors

My wife

My children

My grandchildren

Living in the USA

Raising my family in the USA

Worshipping as I please

Expressing myself as I please

Voting for whom I please

My individuality

My 2 careers

Citizens Rights & Responsibilities

My Neighbors


Police Officers

Second Responders

The Second Amendment

God’s grace


My Holiday wish to All: May you all be richly rewarded in kind measure.