Home & Garden Channel: NOT

I like the The Home and Garden Channel. The fast moving action, all within 20 minutes, shows you how easy it is to find property, fix a residence, perform a thorough home inspection, negotiate the best price, throw in value added inducement perks, and a plethora of “new speak” that fills air time but has little relevance.



Some programs actually offer the viewer keen observations like: “This is the master bathroom.” And look how much space there is in the backyard or closet.” You might also hear “This is a kitchen with stainless steel appliances and faux marble counter tops.”

Maybe this programming works on TV, oh were it so in real life real estate sales. And, perhaps some salespeople use this model to highlight particular important facets of a property. I generally stay away from the formulaic explanations of relatively innocuous detail.

Perhaps the most important observation keys in on how my clients are reacting to the property. Does there seem to be a natural emotional draw? Do the questions being asked display real interest or simply a polite and cursory attitude? If a couple, is the property appealing to both? If so, why?

Letting buyers stroll through a property at their leisure, without a lot gabbing about features, works well. I’ve found that crowding buyers and loading up on every detail becomes burdensome and overbearing-pushing hard isn’t what allows folks to make a good buying choice.

I generally leave my clients alone for a little while once we reach the outdoors again. Making thoughtful observations and having a private discussion allows my people the space to engage in a healthy dialog about the property we’re seeing. Then again, they could be talking about the stock market or their grocery list. If they are, then for sure, this home gets crossed off the list.

Boy and girl standing in park holding hands

Questions like: “Do I have lake rights? Are there HOA fees? How much are the taxes? Where are the property lines? Is municipal water and sewer available? Can I build a garage? When did the chimney get cleaned? indicate interest. Once I’ve established my clients MAY want more information, I gather answers I don’t already have at hand.

Next time you watch HGTV, sit back and enjoy the show. Then contact me. If that’s too pushy—at least I didn’t mention I can sell you a knock-off Rolex for $5.00.

“There is nothing like a gleam of humor to reassure you that a fellow human being is ticking inside a strange face.” – Eva Hoffman