Home Inspection Nightmare

Do you want to avoid buying the classic money pit? Than, hire a professionally licensed home inspector with experience. An inspection is critical due diligence allowing you to move forward with a firm idea of the home’s overall condition.


Saving money by having your cousin Bill, Aunt Sally, or Brother Joe “take a look” is not a home inspection. No matter how experienced in the building trades your friends and family: Don’t rely on them for an opinion on the home’s condition.

Recently, I submitted an offer on a foreclosure property. I urged my clients to complete a home inspection prior to proceeding to contract. The home inspection highlighted some major defects not disclosed (perhaps not known) by the owning lender. Among the observations shared by the inspection service were:

Active Mold-Active Termite Activity-A Buried Abandoned Oil Tank, Septic System of unknown condition, 2 wells which could indicate a contamination problem and a myriad of other lesser defects. Based on these findings, I suggested to my clients we find a more appropriate home.

Your home inspection firm will suggest individual testing modalities depending on the home’s infrastructure, location, and other factors. Some suggestions may include: A septic dye test, radon test, well water test, pest and or insect inspection.  Have your provider explain the procedures and purpose of the scale and scope of the proposed home inspection.

Save yourself from a nightmare purchase by completing a home inspection. If you discover issues you are unwilling to correct (or the seller is unwilling to correct), you may want to move on to a more optimal situation. The money spent for a thorough home inspection is worth it.