Is a Real Estate Lawyer Needed when Buying or Selling a Home? YES–Here is Why

LawyerVenturing into the area of real estate, whether you’re buying or selling, is a territory full of unknowns to the layman. While you’ll want to consider your knowledge level in real estate before moving forward with the process, a lawyer will disseminate the details for you and make the process more straightforward. The following are a few ways your lawyer will assist you with their expertise.

Diving Into Legalese Language

Whether you’re buying or selling, it’s very exciting to go through the final processes of a home sale, but a lawyer can help you ascertain the legal jargon in the final agreement. The agreement may seem standard, but a lawyer will be able to ensure that it serves your interests and does not indicate any additional fees or uncommon provisions. If anything needs to be changed or updated, they’ll be able to recommend this so you can avoid any issues that could be experienced as a result.

Insuring Your Title

The transferring of property from the hands of the buyer to the seller can be one of the last details of a property purchase, and a lawyer will be able to help with this matter. As this involves title insurance, a lawyer will be able to contact the necessary companies to have the final bills tallied for the upcoming shift in ownership. This can be an easy means of ensuring that all utilities and owed payments will exist in the name of the party who is responsible for them, and can mean one less thing to worry about.

Navigating The Final Sale

If this is your first foray into real estate, a lawyer can be beneficial with the final negotiations that will take place between you, the agent and the buyer. They will be able to ensure that what was negotiated and agreed upon for the sale is in place, as well as confirming that the funds owing have been received so the deed can be passed on to the buyer. Whether you’re purchasing a home before selling or vice versa, they can apply funds from the sale of your home to your purchase or handle any associated loans.

If you’re new to the real estate market, it can be beneficial to have a lawyer who can handle the transition for you and review the legal documents to ensure they’re in your best interest. In our area, the use of attorneys is the norm.  More than 99 percent of Catskill Country Real Estate’s transactions are closed by attorneys representing the buyer, seller, and if a loan is involved, the lending institution.

We work with several well qualified law offices and will be happy to provide contact information so you can retain a lawyer to work in your best interest.  Over the years, we have established  providers who expedite, rather than hinder, the closing process.  Here is a link to our provider list.