It’s Your Money On The Table

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We’ve had similar experiences.  That is-strangers telling us how to spend our money.  “Oh, that’s the best TV on the shelf, and we only have one left.”  That’s a brand new 2014 HumDinger in candy apple red with a V12—and it’s on sale too!”

Meanwhile, all you did was enter the store and walk to the electronics aisle.   As you strolled the new car lot, Joe Salesman jumped out from behind the huge truck and planted his 240 pound frame right in front of you—now try to get around him without hearing his sales pitch.

Talking about feeling cornered, pressured, and uncomfortable in a sales setting—  Talk about having someone tell you just how perfect this or that is and it gets insulting –maybe more than insulting. “How about just leaving me alone Mr. Salesman and let me ask questions when I’m ready to ask them?  Doesn’t that sound like a plan!”

Yes—leaving you alone to make your own decision, ask your own questions, and discuss your thoughts in private is how I prefer to handle my relationships.  You need the space to process information at your pace.  As a home buyer, you need to pace yourself and tell me how you want to proceed.


When you do ask for information, I’m here to gather and provide insight.  My experience helps you filter out the hype.  My role is really more background as opposed to hitting you with a hammer.  Being an expeditor, as opposed to salesperson, is the better option.   I’m sure you’ll agree.