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By filling out and submitting this form, you are requesting a FREE, NO OBLIGATION, REAL ESTATE BROKER PRICING EVALUATION from Catskill Country Real Estate, a New York State Licensed Real Estate Broker Located in Middletown, NY 10940.  John Kavaller is the Broker/Owner holding the License (Direct Cell Phone Number:  845-492-0261--You may find John's bio here.)

To receive your report, you must be a partial or full owner of the property noted on this form.  We check the municipal tax records carefully to insure only legitimate owners receive our extensive pricing opinion so privacy issues are respected.

A valid phone number and email address are required on the form. By completing this form, you consent to accepting our occasional email and phone call.  Barbara Lewis, a New York State Licensed Salesperson working with Catskill Country Real Estate, will be contacting you prior to emailing the Evaluation to insure you are the property owner and verify your email address.  (You may find her bio here.)

We prepare the extensive and free pricing report as a "good will" gesture and introduction to our company and real estate service.  We seek to develop a business relationship with you and find offering this report enhances our ability to reach out and provide valuable information which serves our potential clients well.

We will not hound you, make ourselves a nuisance, or be that telemarketer who interrupts your dinner in the evening.  We will be in touch on an occasional basis to solidify our relationship and the services we provide.