Other People’s Money (OPM)

Real Estate Transactions are not easy to complete. No matter where you live on the globe, this is a fact. Ask just about any experienced professional in this business, you’ll find a story behind every closing and even more detailed tales about those deals that went south forever.

High stakes and tension go together. Sellers and buyers become enmeshed in the process and oft times seem ready to melt when each new challenge arises. Realtors® and brokers are always in the mix. By definition, they play an integral role. Questions of strategy, tactics, procedure, process are ceded to the real estate professional. Questions Like:

“What should we do about the home inspection report results?”
“How should we approach the bank? The appraisal is too low.”
“The attorney recommends we get a survey. Should we?”
“Who writes the contract of sale?”
“Why is the process different here than in California?”
“What is title insurance? Why do I need it?”
And any number of other cogent questions . . .

Real Estate Brokers, and by that extension, agents working for brokers, are handling very delicate matters. They involve other people’s lives which are tethered to finances, jobs, school systems, neighborhoods, extended family and more. Brokers are in the hot seat often juggling details behind the scene so a closing takes place. Lots of communication among attorneys and other service providers take place. Helping folks buy and sell real estate is pretty simple theoretically. In practice, however, lots of twists and turns often occur before your hit the finish line

We take care of OPM very carefully because it’s your money on the table.