Real Estate Review Wars—Or-Why Work with John Kavaller

J Kavaller“Wait a minute; the review says John is the best thing to hit the real estate scene since 1910. How can that be? Must have written those recommendations himself, I’ll bet. What do these Angie List type reviews really reveal anyway?”

Well folks, I am happy to respond.

    1. I hit the real estate scene in April of 2007.
    2. Every review was written and posted by a client or customer I’ve worked with.
  • Reviews reveal meaningful insight into successful closings I’ve brokered for both buyers & sellers.

Marketing real estate is about a skill set that brings big dollars into the forefront. Here are a few functions I fulfill for you that help you maximize your investment in Sullivan County, NY:

  1. Maximize my seller’s sale price
  2. Minimize my buyer’s purchase price
  3. Prepare documents
  4. Suggest appropriate providers including attorneys, home inspectors, mortgage providers, electricians, plumbers, general contractors, surveyors, handy people (will I get taken for a political imbecile if I should say handymen?), firewood purveyors, tree trimmers, foresters, sawyers, DEC contacts, environmental resources and responders, property managers, bankers, hairdressers, barbers, oil & propane suppliers, electric service, and even a beer hall or two. And— just about everything from greening your lawn to mitigating country pests like wasps, mice, other rodents of dubious quality & likeability. Basically, if you are new to the area, I am a walking encyclopedia providing practical resources that make your life easier & more efficient.

No, I am not shy. I am wise enough, however, to know that my clients and customers needs come first. Not everyone appreciates an out front, politically insensitive, say it as it is Broker. On the other hand, you may find my approach refreshing and just the ticket.

Prior to 2007, I was a NYS Correction Sergeant. I suppose 25 years of working in mostly maximum security NYS prisons made me somewhat hardnosed. That experience also allows me to provide quality due diligence that will save you a lot of money and heart burn.


Which gets me to the rest of the real estate pack: I work with other brokers, REALTORS®, & NYS licensed salespersons throughout Sullivan and Orange County, NY. For the most part, they are responsive, professional, and able minded. Shop around, ask questions, read reviews. Then, let me know how I can best serve your real estate needs here in Sullivan County, NY.

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