Salesperson-Expeditor- Or Mr. Shattner? YIKES

YikesYou’re on the lookout for property. You find several on line and make an appointment to tour. After 2 hours of driving, you arrive at address number 1 and meet your salesperson for the day—YIKES

Upon exiting your vehicle, your salesperson shouts: “Isn’t this just the greatest home you’ve ever seen? Wait until you see all the granite and stainless steel inside—oh, and the Viking stove too!” YIKES.

As your tour progresses, your sales agent continues to extol every perceived virtue from the tremendous walk-in closets, oak kitchen cabinets, bidet in the master bathroom, and fountain in the living room. YIKES—oh—I forgot the heart shaped tub in the master bedroom-red of course!

Last time you looked in the mirror, you thought you had some smarts, a decent bank account, and a good understanding of your real estate goals. Your on-line research pointed to several listings and you needed to maximize the visit.

You weren’t (and are still not) interested in being “Sold” on anything. You are, however, interested in touring, comparing, information gathering, due diligence, and maybe a cup of coffee. The salespersons constant chatter served to make the entire day a waste of time and unpleasant to boot. YIKES.

Next time you make the trip, you’ll probably want to call an EXPEDITOR. A licensed salesperson is the legal term in NYS, but what you really want is someone who can arrange showings, gather information, step away from you at certain intervals so you can discuss ideas in private, and perform due diligence tasks about listings you may want to explore further.


I can just see the commercial now featuring our Star Wars Pitchman Shatner stepping from the shadows into a red, heart shaped tub in boxer shorts with puppies stating: YOU DON’T WANT A SALES PERSON, YOU WANT JOHN THE EXPEDITOR.