Simple Math for Home Ownership OR: If You Can’t Afford the Gas for Your Hummer, Don’t Buy One

Mortgage + County Taxes + School Taxes + Insurance + Maintenance + Utilities = the required funding you need to carry a home purchase.

2007_Hummer_H3_--_NHTSAYour mortgage is determined by how much money you owe the lender and loan terms

County Taxes are assessed each year by the municipality in which you reside.

School Taxes are assessed each year by the local school system.

Water and Sewer Charges as calculated by your municipality-private wells and septic systems are not charged

Home Owner’s Insurance is generally mandatory in order to obtain a loan

Maintenance Cost is determined by how well you care for your property

Utilities include: Heating, Electric, Internet Services

Miscellaneous Expenses Include: Snow Removal, Lawn Care, Trash Removal, Portable Device Connectivity, Cable/Satellite Service

Emergency Cushion for unanticipated events, acts of God, unintended consequences.

Tally up your monthly expenses. Tally up your monthly income. Can you afford to carry the property comfortably?

gas-pump_100311665_l Contact me. I can help you do the math.