Snake Oil-Spam

SnakeIt’s been around since humans crawled out of caves. How many times have we all heard: “If it sounds too good  to be true, it usually is.”?

My email in-box is filled with spam. Warranties, drugs, sex, religion, windows, art, phony invoices, bank phishing scams, Nigerian money laundering schemes, personal ads, flashlights, investments, IRS false notifications, and on and on. . .

The constant parade of unsolicited and unwanted trash keeps piling up and I keep on creating filters that get beaten. I estimate 70 % or more email I receive is garbage. The most ridiculous nonsense imaginable.

The emails with executable attached files are dangerous and usually involve locking your computer up for ransom. As soon as you hit open on the attached file, your computer screen freezes and an extortion note appears.

Free this and Free that—Hey folks—it bears repeating: Nothing is FREE—I repeat NOTHING. We fall prey to the “something for nothing” pitch because we haven’t thought through just what we’re paying in return for whatever snake oil the pitchman is dealing.

Take Google Maps for instance: You allow Google to track your whereabouts. As long as your phone is on and connected to the internet, those with access can track you down anywhere and at any time. Hence, you are sacrificing privacy for convenience. In other words, the app isn’t free.

In the information age, business employs tools to slice and dice our habits and targets our profiles with specific information almost guaranteed to be of interest to us. Whatever they’ve “given” you isn’t free.

Spam is snake oil. I have received 15 spam emails in the last 30 minutes while writing this post. I simply have given up on privacy and decided I don’t care who knows what about me—doesn’t matter if I care or not anyway, Big Brother is here and every two bit con artist who knows the back end of computer code is trying to hack your devices as you read this article.

BE CAREFUL—IT’S A WILD AND UNPROTECTED WORLD WITH JUST A THIN SLICE OF ICING OVER THE BARB WIRE. Please re-read 1984. And BTW, contact me if you want to buy or sell real estate in Orange, Ulster, or Sullivan County, NY – you’ll get the same candor.