Sullivan County Catskills: Do You Really Want to Buy Here?

It was a glorious October afternoon. Indian Summer, turning leaves, sky blue expansive panorama over the mountain tops. This was a perfect showing day. I had 5 homes scheduled for touring.

Autumn Landscape

My clients, Allie and George brought the two kids and lots of smiles to our first destination. Out we all piled. Velvet forest surrounded this expansive Adirondack home. Apples lay on the ground in the orchard, and just a hint of frost hovered in the air.

All the elements were coming together for a terrific showing. Upon entrance, we faced a custom stone fireplace with oak mantle, bear rug, and spiral staircase. Skylights cast a soft sunlight glow on eight inch plank & peg flooring in the dining room.

In short, our first home tour of the day turned out to be incredibly sweet and interesting. Allie and George, along with the children felt a kinship and attachment to the home and the acres. Not even the Manhattan skyline could beat this fabulous property. As a matter of fact, the idea was to forget about that skyline for awhile.

We saw several other properties that day with a short break for lunch. Each setting had wonderful qualities. George and Allie were pleased with the diversity offered by the outing. They compared and contrasted the several geographical areas we visited.

Was the Delaware River Corridor more appealing than the Mountains above Livingstone Manor? How important was fishing the Willowemoc when compared to Hunting in The Catskill Park? Was four wheeling something the family wanted to encourage? Being “out in the country”—what did they really mean?

The quality of life here in the Catskills drains away the tensions of metropolitan life. The short drive from the five boros means a fast get away Upstate. Two hours from the George Washington Bridge and you’re home again.

There is no shortage of value. Recreationally, it’s potpourri of every sort of outdoor activity you can imagine. You name it, it’s here.

How special is Skinner’s Falls in Summer? Did you see the Papa Eagle dive for fish on Lake Jeff? Did you get to go horseback riding or play tennis? Kayaking float your boat? Hiking, rock climbing, skidooing? Think of it, you can do it here.

Allie and George called me yesterday. The made an offer on the Adirondack with the 35 acres. Allie said she will make the crust if George will gather the apples for home made pie.

Family Baking

Let’s find your SWEET SPOT together. Isn’t it time?