Sullivan County is the Classic Country Get-Away

The Sullivan County New York Catskills is the classic big metro get away. The folks in 1900 knew that and you know that. That’s why you’re looking for a second home here.

Sullivan County WaterwaysA few thoughts on why you want a place in The Mountains:

Our neck of the woods is close. Drive over the George Washington Bridge, hit the Palisades Parkway, half way round the traffic circle, pick up Long Mountain Parkway, quick cut back to Route 17 West (soon to Interstate 86 West), and zoom past Orange County—Hit he first big mountain at Wurtsboro. Tensions now easing.

Flat out from the GW Bridge—you’re here after traveling just 102 miles and maybe 90 minutes. Well, Fridays are more time consuming, so leave Thursday so you can breeze Upstate with fewer rat race tempers on the 3 lane. Or, leave 1:00 p.m. Friday a 3 dayer.

The Mountains—Ah Yes—As a child, going to the Mountains was going to the Catskills—except who knew from the that sort of terminology in the fifties? You knew clean air, streams, and rivers though. And that’s where you were heading to Da Mountains, b/c no one in Neuva York says the Mountains.

Sullivan County Natural BeautyNative New Yawkers (not misspelled) want more green. So, you get a lot of green here. As in aces and acres of green grass, pastures, hay fields, maple groves, oak forests, and the Delaware River corridor brimming with pristine, cooling freshness and activity. Who wouldn’t want a their own place in the country?

Neighbors? Maybe, maybe not– I grew up in Jamaica Queens in the 1950ies and Doo Wop was king —still is. You play whatever you like, soft or blasting. You’ll find a private spot, well off the road, and settle into that special enclave you’ve wanted for years. Turn up the Ipod and cut loose cause you can rock or chill or do both. Your call.

Or—yes you can actually have a neighbor or two if you like. Never know when you need an egg or cup of sugar. Maybe lakeside works better for you? Could be poolside is better though. I guess we just have lots of different opportunities for the life style you want to create here.

The right Stuff in Sullivan County—There’s a lot more to share about the right stuff here in Sullivan County. Like the fact we will probably see a full fledged Las Vegas type casino here within two years. Like you can ride a horse or hike, or rock climb, or ski, maybe toboggan, canoe down the Delaware. See Off Broadway real live shows, go to the opera, view MOMA art without being in Manhattan, see great shows at Bethel Woods, do some water skiing, tubing, 4 wheeling, target shooting—and a whole bunch more.

So—Yes– I do understand a few reasons for your wanting to get away. I live on the Callicoon Creek in Jeffersonville, NY and smell the roses every day.