Sullivan County, NY: Hunters Beware

Many brokers and salespeople receive a substantial rise in inquiries about land parcels for sale during hunting season. It’s like clockwork—Deer Season opens (Bow, now crossbows have been approved—then rifle), and the hunters come running to pinpoint just where the land is located. (They demand specifics.)

Land For Sale

I get calls and emails on land that’s been up for sale for a long time. There was little interest during the previous months. Yet, now that hunting season is open, a large uptick in interest? Hmm??????

What’s apparent is these inquiries are made by would be hunters who want to trespass on “For Sale” properties thinking no one will be watching. They’ll be free to wander ( some even set stands), and take game off another’s property without permission.

Sure it’s illegal. Just as shooting cows, cats, dogs, goats, pigs, Llamas, sheep, and even people is illegal  Arrows and bullets fly at all manner of targets here. Adding substantial injury and grief to legitimate owners, these trespassing hunters have a rabid sense of entitlement.

A savvy broker once explained he does not show land parcels during Deer Season. The most important reason is: You may get shot by arrow or bullet. Serious accidents happen every year in every locale where hunting is permitted.

News stories report some grim and downright idiotic hunting behavior by the two legged creatures that arrive for a few weeks of hunting. To be fair, law abiding hunters are welcomed and catered to here in Sullivan County and also have reservations about those who come to drink, get high, gamble, and hunt our lands in an illegal manner.   Talk about a recipe for disaster!

When an inquiry for land comes to my attention, here is my response:

“First off–thanks for your interest. Secondly, land parcels routinely do not have addresses in Sullivan County. I would be happy to meet and show you the property you’ve asked about. We find, come hunting time, requests are made so that illegal hunting and trespassers can enter the property. To avoid this, I must ask you to make an appointment to meet with me and tour the property after Hunting Season is closed. This policy protects the seller and protects a potential buyer. Thanks.”

Buyers who wish to hunt their own property should begin searching at least six months prior to Hunting Season. A year is probably better. You’ll be able to define exactly the type of terrain and location of most interest. Adjoining State land?-Adjoining the Catskill Park?—Water features? Forest? And so on.


I will be most pleased to help you find great hunting property, but not during hunting season. My wife doesn’t want to read about the most recent hunting accident where the man in blaze orange shot a Realtor® because he looked like an old goat.