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Funny Man With The Bushy Eyebrows

It’s Christmas Eve day and warm for late December in Otisville, New York.  Well not quite Otisville, actually Mount Hope.  That’s sort of true, Catskill Country Real Estate is in the Town of Mount Hope, but our office address is actually Middletown, NY 10940.

It’s not easy having a difficult address to define or having bushy eyebrows.  Marilyn keeps trying to sit me down for a haircut and calm conversation.  Clippers out, comb, scissors and that awful buzzing sound fill my ears—oh—they need a buzz cut too.

TMI—yes I know.  Nobody really cares about haircuts these days—especially earcuts.  Well maybe barbers do, but I’d have to go to Facebook in that there seems to be a good deal of interest in photos of just about anything.  Updating status must include personal information about personal grooming—hold on, let me check Twitter too ……………………………………………

Yep—just as I suspected.  All the social network platforms show the broker with the bushy eyebrows is trending and may go viral.  There seems to be an unusual amount of static about busy real estate brokers, interest rates moving upward, and the Polar Vortex simmering down.

It’s been a very busy year for Catskill Country.  We’ve closed many transactions, formed more solid relationships with other real estate firms and REALTORS®, helped a number of folks get into homes, and expanded our services to a multi county territory.

Our reviews are moving steadily upward as we seek to maximize our relationships with new clients, referrals, and our advertising venues.  Our budget allows us to profile thousands of homes on our two websites making it easy for consumers to research and review almost too much information.

The one key difference between Catskill Country and our competitors centers on my absolute commitment to immediate contact with anyone wanting more information about real estate.  We welcome all questions and respond almost as soon as we are contacted so you aren’t waiting around for answers.

I  have bushy eyebrows  but– I understand how to listen and bring your real estate goals into focus, and accomplish the mission of helping you buy or sell property in the Mid-Hudson and Catskills Region of New York State.

Life Gets In the Way of Real Estate

You’ve finally made the decision to buy. After years of painstaking toil, saving, and reverie, you’re taking the plunge. The kids are growing up and summers in the city aren’t cutting the mustard—you want more for them and yourself.

2 ducks

Researching great spots for a vacation home, you decide why not hike back to the Catskills. After all, your own childhood brought you there and fond memories have always come to mind when Sullivan County popped up in a conversation.

Shellie decides she wants to be near the Delaware River Corridor and remembers the “River Towns” she visited with her sister several years ago. Callicoon seemed a lovely town with just enough activity to please. Honesdale, PA was ½ hour away and that also seemed a good shopping bet.

So I get a call from Steve explaining the plan. He and Shellie were coming up and wanted to tour a few properties along the River. I made the arrangements, we scheduled the date, and everything was set for this coming Saturday.

A call comes in on Friday evening. Steve says: “Hey John, my brother flew in from Brazil unexpectedly to surprise my Mom and Dad with a special anniversary dinner. I can’t miss this”. Sorry, I’ll call you to set up another showing date.”

And… life goes on because lots of events intervene between the idea of buying or selling real estate and the actual realization of that aim. Births, funerals, birthday parties, baptisms, Bar Mitzvahs, weddings, concerts, your mother-in-law and more prevent a concerted effort to find new surroundings.

Although a pressing or momentous decision, like a job relocation, change of career, or divorce may force a more focused approach to buying or selling property, a more leisurely approach is the norm—especially when the purchase of a vacation home is on the agenda.

Fits and starts are part of the real estate business. We like to bob and weave with our client’s lives. The ability to adjust schedules and truly serve our client’s best interest always is our main focus. Give us an opportunity to be part of your lives so just the right place, at the right time, at the right price arrives.

1 Skinners Falls

Excuse me, I have to go load the kayak and raft—Regina called – traffic accident on the George Washington Bridge and no way can she get up here for 2:00 pm showing today. I’m going down to Skinners Falls with Ma and the dog.