Millie-My Min-Pin

CamelMillie thinks she is a camel-way bigger than she really is. Actually, she’s a miniature pinscher who barks when you exit our house and jumps in your lap when you enter. Unless you’re a nasty critter yourself, Millie will get on your lap for a quick kiss and paw to your hand.

She will paw that hand until you either pet her belly or show her the way off your lap. Being short haired, Millie finds great comfort in wrapping herself up in the most available blanket. Turning three times to make sure no snakes are nesting or trying to escape OZ, she then plunks down with a sigh—content to take, yet again, another nap.

Although we have not timed Millie’s waking hours, we estimate she keeps her eyes open about 3 hours out of 24. These days, she remains sound asleep in our bed, submerged in that king size bed and cuddled in, even after we come home. Marilyn and I hope Millie will rouse herself if a stranger decides to say hello.

A dog to the Manner Born is this black and brown gal. Millie was bred to look just like a Doberman pinscher but actually is part of the Terrier family tree. At birth, many min-pins have their ears trimmed and tails docked thereby simulating the larger Doberman breed and that’s how Millie came to us.

She is a star nuzzler rubbing her head on your chest and pushing her 13 pounds up against your body. Millie would do this occasionally when younger. Now, she will continue to nuzzle until you change positions. Remember, she’s 70 years old and I suppose she’s entitled to some extra affection and maybe we are too.

Millie Pic

Our pets make life more domestic and tolerable. After a miserable bad hair day, you get a boost when that tail starts wagging and you are greeted with that “I am so glad to see you” gesture. Even with all the expense and extra work, we cling to our 4 legged critters because they love us well and unconditionally.

“A dog teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance, and to turn around three times before lying down.” ― Robert Benchley