Sullivan County NY Sales Data 2018

For 2017, home sales in Sullivan County NY increased by 2.2 percent with end of year total accounting for 590 home purchases.  Median prices rose from $128,000 to $135,000 accounting for a 5.5 % increase from 2016 levels.  Medium pricing is defined by 50 percent of homes sold fall above $135,000 with the remaining 50% falling below that number.  (See Local Realtors: Pace of home sales largely returning to prerecession levels)

Local Sullivan County brokers anticipate stronger sales for 2018 with many more showings occurring in the usually slower winter months.  The “Casino Effect” has shaped the Monticello, NY market to some extent by creating excitement and new motivation for home buyers to consider buying while commercial investors continue to eye the area to determine long term investment potential.

Overall, realtors® are optimistic 2018 will continue the upward trend with m.)ore buyers and somewhat higher pricing due to stronger demand.  The rental market is being driven by the new casino housing demands while other businesses continue to expand job opportunity creating a better return on investment for rental property.

Monticello’s New Urgent Care Facility

facilityThe Times Herald Record has reported a new urgent care facility will be operational in 2017.  Located on the corner of Route 42 and Concord Road,  “CRMG, which is a corollary to Catskill Regional Medical Center in Harris and is part of the Greater Hudson Valley Health System, will open the 11,500-square-foot facility on nearly 14 acres.”

Get A Job

JobGet a job—that’s right—get a job at Montreign.  Come 2018, the resort/casino will be up and running.  Perhaps some training will help you secure your future In Sullivan County.

Vice President Charles Degliomini explains the types of opportunities arriving in Monticello shortly.  Find out how what will be available once the project is completed and open in 2018.

Investors-Take A Second Look at Monticello Venue

Money on the lineMalaysia based Kien Huat (Corporate Name) owns almost 90 percent of Empire Resorts, the firm building the Montreign Resort at Adelaar.  The huge conglomerate is putting it’s money on the line which means some very smart people are betting that whatever the casino landscape looks like ten years from now, they’ll still be making a ton of money and be viable.

Business banter about more casino development in an over saturated market has given investors pause for thought.  Local real estate sales should have been more brisk as the build out picks up speed.  Ken Haut’s substantial investment may now stimulate a more balanced thought process for other entrepreneurs evaluating the profit potential in Sullivan County.

The risk to reward ratio is always the paradigm.  Kien Huat obviously has weighed the pros and cons and voted with many millions.  You may want to consider taking the leap.  There is no risk involved in contacting me for a frank discussion on how you can profit here in Sullivan County, NY. Take a few moments and call me at 845-492-0261.