Sincerity: Is Your Broker Out To Lunch?


100 Dollar WadDoes your real estate broker see you as a commission check?  Or perhaps a WAD OF BEN FRANKLINS tied up in a neat bundle waiting for the final signature at the closing table?  Matter of fact, maybe the only time you ever met your broker was at the closing table after an excruciatingly difficult process.

Has your real estate representative taken the time and made the effort to serve your needs well professionally, and personally?  Yes, personally—not by PDF File.

Since real estate transactions involve YOUR MONEY, it’s a good idea to gauge the service your broker will really render.  Will emails be responded to promptly?  Will your calls be shunted to voice mail?  Will a quick text arrive saying: ” Okay”—like that means something?  When your money is on the line, you should require quick and competent answers—not the “Sorry, I can’t get back to you today.”

Which brings me to sincerity.  Mom and Pop shops are known for service.  Customers get greeted by name and a smile.  Might even get “Hey, saw your kid at the game and wow, what a shot she made.  By the way, we have a really good steak special today.   Let me show you and we can custom cut it any way you want.”

Walmart has great prices and no service.  If you want to buy a pair of socks or instant coffee, you might want to shop there.  There aren’t enough cashiers to even take the money you want to throw at them.  Clerks are interested in lunch or the next break.  Announcements blast out for harried managers to report to aisle 16 for several customer complaints.

If yoSteak Freezeru want quick, no service, and cheap, shop the discount stores.  If you want to be ignored by your real estate rep., shoved to the back of the line because your house is priced lower than another clients, and receive a hand shake and smile 6 months after your deal was agreed to, hire the discount broker with lots of agents talking about each other and not their clients best interests. 

Hello—my name is John and I can show you some really good steak right here in the freezer.