The Available Broker

John Kavaller Available BrokerSo you called a real estate agent about a listing you saw on line. Looked like the perfect fit for you and your family. You even got a little excited when you saw the photos and virtual tour. “Wow, maybe this one is going to work and we’ll be able to afford it too.”

The agent’s contact info was clear and you picked up your cell and dialed the salesperson’s number. “Hey, thanks for calling, not in right now. So, please leave your name and number, yada, yada, yada.” You leave a message that you’d like more info on a listing and you may want to see it.

Fast forward—3 days later. No contact from the agent—nothing, nada, zilch. No email, no text, no MLS info sheet. No nothin’! Maybe you’re chopped liver or a bad person? Maybe you don’t deserve a response? OR MAYBE YOU ARE ENTITLED TO BETTER SERVICE AND YOU CALLED A PART TIME, INEPT, UNCARING, WAY TOO BUSY FOR YOU SALESPERSON.

Happens all the time. You practically beg someone, anyone, to respond to your questions and act like they care about what you want. Even real estate folks in the business don’t respond to each other. Of course, there are lots of reasons (read excuses or business models) that account for this lack of respect and responsiveness.

To be fair, sometimes it’s just impossible to get immediate feed back on a real estate info request. Although here at Catskill Country, we seek to respond within a 10 minute window of receiving an information request, we don’t always make it happen. But, we respond at the first possible moment we can because we truly value your business not just talk and write about it.

Even if a property you have interest in is in contract, pending a sale, has an agreed upon price, is a short sale, foreclosure, etc., we’ll contact you with the most up to date information we can get so that your need for more information is rendered in a professional, no nonsense manor.

Because it’s your money on the table, your time, your emotional and financial well being, we thoroughly understand our responsibility to provide the most current information available. We work diligently with you to research, show, and advise you on available options when you either choose to sell or buy real property.

See our reviews. We look forward to being the most responsive and available real estate firm in Sullivan, Orange, and Ulster County so you won’t get left in the cold when you want reliable and fast information.