The Communicating Broker

It’s your money on the table.  Isn’t it reasonable for you to expect very clear communications from us?

Since the answer is obviously YES, let me be clear: “When Catskill Country Real Estate in involved in your transaction, you get regular updates noting how the process is proceeding.  These communications reduce the stress of wondering if everything is OK.

From phone calls to texts to faxes, to emails—we provide the security of knowing exactly where you are at any given time during the time frame we work together.  If there is a long silence in our communications, we are waiting for certain requirements to fall in place.

All real estate business involves challenges, questions, answers, clarifications, re-direction, sometimes resurrection and more.  The details of bringing forth a successful closing are many, varied, and require careful attention.  Attending to these multifaceted activities is exactly why you retained our services.

You didn’t hire us for our physically attractive shapes, personalities, shopping habits, memberships, jogging apparel, hiking and biking marathon interests . . .YOU ASKED US TO GET YOUR PROPERTY SOLD OR TO FIND YOUR NEXT PROPERTY—THEN GET IT CLOSED.

It sure seems today’s providers often lack the courtesy or good judgment related to client care.  After all, you aren’t purchasing or selling Craigslist items.  You’re either about to sell your most valuable asset or buy one.

Because the financial impact upon our clients is at its max, we make sure to keep you informed.  We hope to call you shortly and let you know:  Your transaction closed.