The Compassionate Broker

Empathetic BrokerEach buyer and seller have individual needs and reasons for buying or selling. With that acknowledged, there are some common traits most look for in advisers. Compassion is among these sought after qualities.

In this context, the empathetic understanding of each individual’s real estate goals and requirements are important to the Client-Reator® relationship. Having an experienced agent who understands the buying and selling dynamic allows for an even flow of information while encouraging nuanced conversations defining how the process moves forward.

Selling and buying real estate is not a straight line activity. It is generally built upon a general time line for which certain milestones must be reached. Selling requires preparing the property for listing, arranging showings, negotiating sales price, scheduling home inspections, suggesting providers like title companies, attorneys, comparables, and much more. Purchasing necessitates defining price point, neighborhood, comparables, taxes, school districts, mortgage resources, zoning and a host of other important variables.

The real estate salesperson MUST engage the client on many levels. Competence, experience, efficiency, mindfulness, etc.–but having empathetic understanding is a key. Often, individual circumstances provide challenges to accomplishing real estate aims. New family members are born, parents need help, a planned trip interferes, a favorite contractor or provider isn’t available, the bank isn’t cooperating, problems with title arise. . . so on and so forth.

My job is to get you to closing. I must have a comprehensive skill set to accomplish that. Compassion and empathy is part of my personality and business model. Let’s talk over your needs and discuss how you want to proceed.