The Competent Broker

Competent BrokerBottom line: You are a seller or a buyer. You expect your broker, or a salesperson working with the broker, to close your transaction.

As in most endeavors, experience and judgment play critical roles in accomplishing the task at hand. And although conceptually the selling and buying of real property appears to be fairly simple, it isn’t. Statistics say real estate law produces more litigation than any other area which is proof positive of how intricate a real estate transaction can become.

Each state has different rules, regulations, guidelines, and laws governing how real property is purchased and sold. Reams of decisions, clarifications, and precedents are published weekly attesting to the complicated nature of the real estate business.

In the area I work (Sullivan and Orange County, NY), the following providers are among those called upon during different phases of a transaction. The services required vary by transaction type and flow of the process.

Attorney for seller, buyer or both

Title company

Mortgage/Lender representative(s)

Agent for buyer and seller: For example

Lending institutions


Home inspectors

Environmental service providers




General contractors

Building trades people

Property management firms

Rental agents


Any other providers needed to assure the closing takes place according to our client’s wishes

In NYS, licensed salespeople work under the the guidance and direction of the broker’s license. And as in life, so it is in real estate: Not all are created equally.

A competent broker manages, guides, and is responsible to those doing business with the firm. The experienced broker stays on top of the transactions in the office and problem solves with salespeople to overcome the challenges that invariably arise during any real estate transaction.

My services center on client satisfaction. Period. It’s my job to get your business executed and closed by being the expediter, middleman, problem solver, and coordinate the myriad and varied number of tasks required to get your home sold or purchased.

Please feel free to view recommendations made by a number of my clients and customers over the years. Thanks for your consideration.