The Grateful Broker

I retired from a law enforcement job in April of 2007 after 25 years of service and became a Licensed New York State Salesperson the same month.  Realizing my pension and Social Security wouldn’t be enough to see me through into my eighties or longer, I embarked on a real estate career at the worst possible time imaginable.

The world was going into the “The Great Recession”, “Too Big to Fail” was a phrase just coming into public awareness, business and bank failures would soon bring the general economy to a crawl.  In short, my decision to try real estate seemed an outrageous business model to pursue.

Being somewhat ambitious by nature and also a part time house painter, I decided to book paint jobs while learning real estate basics.  Seemed like a reasonable way to acclimate and break into an unfamiliar business world while still paying the monthly bills.

I interviewed with a local broker, we shook hands, and I went to work answering the phones, learning a new business vocabulary, and having frequent tutoring sessions.

Warren turned out to be a great teacher and mentor.  I am grateful for the many lessons he provided and his ability to impart valuable information that made good sense.

Not much real estate business was being conducted anywhere in the country, let alone Sullivan County, NY., but I stuck with it picking up a few sales and began to understand the real estate business in a more process driven way.

After working with my first broker more than several years, I struck out on my own in November of 2012.  I took the required courses to achieve Broker status, said thank you to Warren, and opened up my own firm.

The transition from NYS Licensed Salesperson, to Associate Broker, to Broker/Owner wasn’t smooth or without missteps.  The school of hard knocks provided some eye opening experiences which prepared me to shoulder the very responsible position of handling untold sums of other people’s money.

It is now Thanksgiving and Holiday Time 2017.  I have a basketful of items for which to be truly humbled and grateful.  Ten years of real estate experience has given me some perspective and tools to serve an ever increasing clientele during a much better economic climate as measured against April of 2007.


I give thanks to: (BTW–not an all inclusive list)

My creator for keeping me alive and useful at 66 years of age

My wife who has more than filled her role and cherished me for more than 4 decades

My Family Tree for bringing a history, time table, and genetic understanding forward

My children and grandchildren who continue to grow and mature

My pet dogs who have loved me unconditionally, each in their own way and time

My guitars, microphones, bass, equipment rendering untold hours of personal enjoyment

My musical experiences with partners, band members, and the general public

My ability to read and comprehend


My clients who have provided me the ability to buy beer and pizza every time I want a beer or pizza pie

My clients who have chosen to review my services on Zillow and Trulia–Heading towards 100 Five Star Reviews

My customers who aren’t quite sure yet if they will become clients

My agents Amanda Ferrantello-Scott Cortright-Lisa Miller-Lonnie Smith & Andrew Lorenc who continue to build their own business while allowing me to supervise

My recommended  providers including attorneys, mortgage brokers, lenders, banks, home inspectors, title companies, plumbers, electricians, surveyors, chimney sweeps, wood suppliers, general contractors, builders, pest control specialists, and more

My attorney’s legal assistants at law firms we do business with

Realtors®, The National Association of Realtors®, The New York State Association of Realtors®, The Sullivan County Multiple Listing Service.  Hudson Gateway MLS, Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors®, and many more

In short, were it not for a wide ranging cast of supportive individuals, circumstances, and timing, my gratitude would have no meaning.  Thanks to all and everything that has contributed to my development, well being, and perspective.