The Intimate Broker

Intimate-BrokerFinances-Your Home-Interaction with your spouse or partner engender some very intimate details that are usually kept private. It is our custom, culture and nature to keep these factors sheltered from public view.

Not so in real estate transactions. Because finances and your home are intrinsically part of the process of buying or selling property,  your agent, REALTOR ®, Broker, etc. is privy to some of the most intimate details of your life.

Although not all clients or customers feel a bond with their real estate representatives, many do. The sharing of personal information relative to a real estate transaction creates a sense of trust and sharing.

Much like a good friend who your children call Auntie or Uncle, your chosen real estate rep. moves in a tight circle of confidential facts and figures, dreams and concerns, requirements, and becomes aware of almost everything your best friend knows.

In almost all cases, what you share with your agent, remains confidential. Unless you give specific instructions regarding the release of personal information, what you’ve shared is privileged and is treated respectfully in the context of the real estate process.

Every broker I know has made some life long friends after servicing a client or customer. After all, the client chose a specific individual to help make some very big decisions. The trust developed during the process seems to continue onto friendship.

To be sure, many transactions simply fall into the standard relationship of Service Provider to client/customer. Some folks just want the facts, thank you sir, and do not engage in friendly behavior over and above what is demanded by normal business policy.

A professional and experienced real estate salesperson lets his or her client/customer set the dynamics involved in representation. Personality and the achievement of the task at hand often determine if a relationship continues post closing.

The Intimate Broker embraces what his client wants. Friendship is certainly not the aim of a real estate transaction, but often blossoms into a mutual respect nurturing a post process relationship.