The Joyous Broker

J KavallerYou’ve saved, dreamed, and agonized over the decision. But, you finally made it. You’ve decided it’s time to buy a home. You’ve spoken to a mortgage person, received a prequalification letter, and you’re ready to begin looking for a property fitting your requirements and emotional temperment.

You’ve read a number or articles, spoken to your spouse for the hundreth time, and hit all the popular listing sites in search of homes in your school district. Time to call a REALTOR®.

“HI, you’ve reached Joan Jamed Up. Can’t come to the phone right now, but I want your business even if I never answer the phone. Nope, that gal just won’t do.” So you move down the internet list. On the fourth call, you get Bonnie Bet We Can’t Find You Anything in Your Price Range. 30 seconds later you’re deflated, not excited, and ready to hang up phone calls for the day.

Then, a dim memory wakes you up and you remember your Aunt Nan told you about an agent that had helped sell her Dad’s place several months ago. Nancy raved about the guy–but who was it? The most impressive memory of the agent was his joyous approach to helping my aunt sell. “Wait a minute, was this guy happy b/c he got a listing to sell? Or was he happy to help Nan get things in order so the place could be sold? Or–maybe a little bit of both?”

No way to know–I suppose the point is–when you engage an agent, hopefully some joy will accompany the process. Of course it’s hard work to find what you’re looking for and at the right price. And that is stressful, but there should also be excitment and joy expressed. It’s a real adventure and challenge. A warm and sincere smile from your broker, along with the skill and experience to get you to closing is a welcome attitude that often goes a long way to put the process in perspective.