The Mindful Broker

Mindful-BrokerBeing MINDFUL is extraordinarily important in real estate because dealing with other people’s money– YOUR MONEY– means substantial fiduciary responsibility.

Sellers and buyers should perform due diligence when contemplating which broker to choose for the sale or purchase of real estate. Reading on-line reviews, browsing sales made, and interviewing prospective professionals is just good business.

Is a part time agent suitable and up to the tasks involved? How fast did the agent respond to your request for more information? Is the prospective agent listening to you? Does the broker have a team of well oiled pros ready to dive into your transaction and get it to closing?

Since real estate business is personal, a level of sophistication and friendliness help engender confidence your chosen agent will follow through with your direction and guidance. You may want to rule out an agent who wants to spend your money, instead of suggesting options and waiting for you to decide what works best for you.

Being mindful suggests being aware and having the experience to meet the many challenges involved in the real estate process. Although conceptually, buying or selling appears straight forward, the devil is always in the details; and they can can’t pretty sticky.

You’ll want a broker who is sharp enough to untangle all manner of challenges that often arise during transactions. We have a team in place that takes you from the initial research phase, through negotiations and finding an agreed upon price, home inspections, coordination with attorneys, mortgage people, surveyors, contractors and much more, to owning a property that has deep value and meaning to you and also translates to a good investment.

Catskill Country Real Estate looks forward to meeting you and your needs so your assets are protected, and you get what you want. Call me today for a chat on ways to move forward with your real estate aims.