The Naive Broker

Naive-BrokerPeople are moral, honest, ethical, forthcoming, praiseworthy, and sincere until they aren’t.  In my real estate business, I’ve found that the very bottom line for many is maximizing the dollar advantage—and that’s as it should be except….

The tactics often used to extract the highest price for the seller or the lowest price for the buyer involves some magical maneuvers and sleight of hand.  Add a dash of obfuscation, misleading variance, and self serving rhetoric and you can simplify the strategy all in one word—you figure out that word.

Now, before I set out some examples, I want to disclose that I am not perfect and have made many mistakes in my life time.  Now collecting Social Security, I’ve been around the block a time or two and had enough time to apologize for my own failures albeit on only an occasional basis—place your smilie face here.

So—No, I don’t claim Sainthood just yet and business is still business; but I’d like to think that my reviews speak well of me and you’ll want to contact me so I can help you reach your real estate goals.  My wife of 42 years will also appreciate your business.

From the Seller Side:

There is mold in the basement, but don’t tell any one.

What buried oil tank?

Yes, the driveway is within the boundary lines of the property-well maybe not but how would they know?

Septic system was inspected last year and works as it should.  The home inspector is wrong.

OK—so the deed isn’t in my name, I still want to sell the property.

I own the house free and clear just taxes are unpaid.

My home is fully insulated.

Who needs a radon or water test?

Carpenter ants?  No. The ones I’ve seen were carrying leaves, not  hammers.


From the Buyer’s Side:

I have enough cash on hand to cover the down payment and closing costs.

My wife and I are both working long term jobs and have good credit.

My in-laws will co-sign the mortgage.

We want to buy without seeing the place.

We don’t need a home inspection, we’re using cash.

We called the bank and they said we could buy a home.

I know the difference between a Buyer’s Agent & Seller’s Agent.

I don’t need a local attorney to handle the purchase.

Title Insurance?  Mr. is fine with me.


In conclusion–In real estate, life, and business:  Don’t believe everything you’ve been told unless it can be proved.

My Favorite Client Quote:  The Home I am selling is worth a lot more than the buyer offered.  The home I am buying is worth a lot less than than the seller is asking.