The Patient Broker

My clients aren’t robots, all seeing, or expected to commit their full attention to the pursuit of property ownership. When work, family activities, and necessities need attention, they come first. Real estate goals get pushed down the priority list. Finding a home requires due diligence and the time to fully explore available opportunities. Having your best friend’s wedding on your agenda probably isn’t the best time to schedule a home showing. If you’re taking Mom to the Doctor, you’ll probably need to reschedule our appointment.

Text Me. Email Me. Meme Me. Friend Me. Send the pic now. Who’s That? When Are You Coming? Where Do I Go Now? Send Me The Train Schedule. Hey–let’s slow down a little.

Let’s make sure you have a clear mind, focused purpose, and enjoyable experience. It isn’t every day you get to decide where to live. I won’t rush you, cajole, leverage, or sell you anything. What I will do is be PATIENT and expedite. You’ll get to see as many properties at it takes to get you seated in your new neighborhood.

I’ll suggest providers who will complete your home inspection, draw your contract of sale or purchase, survey, repair, issue title, pressure test the underground oil tank, mow and plow, sweep your chimney, get you a loan. And maybe a dozen other things you may need as you travel through the buying or selling process.

Cell phone, computers, and tablets are the tools of my trade. Let’s schedule the showing when you have time. And if you’re late, I’ll be PATIENT.