The Smart Broker

The smartest brokers I know understand a couple of major points about real estate sales.

1) Clients Want To Spend Their Own Money

 2) Clients Want To Spend Their Own Money.

An experienced broker guides and advises, expedites, and overcomes the myriad number of challenges relating to the process. We brokers, and agents too, are not retained to tell you where or how to live, what school system is best, or how much to spend when you do decide to make the purchase, move into the apartment, or lease Yankee Stadium for the Winter.

Our value rests with the nuts and bolts of building a relationship of trust because we truly understand it’s your money on the table. Our value revolves around getting you in the door of your favorite listing. Our value centers on which providers are best for your specific circumstances. We pull comparables so you don’t pay more or sell for less than a fair market price, we negotiate, we get you to closing. We don’t spend your money –you do that.