Think About It – There’s a Message Here Somewhere

MessageSo a project manager carpenter, working for general contractor, is finally retiring.  50 years of expertise, long hours, and experience are being celebrated.  Tonight is the night Billy Tomkins gets his farewell party, the gold watch, and maybe a bonus for the half century he’s worked for George S. Graves III.  George has arranged a gala event, pulled out all the stops, and spared no expense on the party.  He wants Billy, now 67, to really enjoy the event and evening.

Flash back–6 months prior to the party Graves III hands a very special custom building project to Billy.  He says:  “Cut no corners, build with only the best material and craftsmanship.  This residence is for a dear friend and I want no expenses spared.”

Bill is used to high end work and knows how to produce results.  He gets to work.  Tomkins knows this is his last hurrah and reports to work every day determined to produce the best work of his career.  But somehow, Billy Tomkins just can’t quite measure up to his former standards.  He let’s small things slide, he doesn’t check on quality standards or materials, he lets his lead carpenter take over the show.  About 6 months go by and the custom job is finished.  Tomkins knew he could have and should have done better–but, it was his last job and he’d given his all to George Graves.  George would never find out his best friend got short changed on the custom work.

Fast Forward to the retirement party–It’s black tie, the major general contractors and wives are siting at elegant tables in a beautiful venue.  The drinks are running freely and the food could not have been more superb.  Finally, dessert is served and Graves III makes his way to the microphone. 

“It’s not often an employee devotes his entire career to one firm, but Bill Tomkins did.  He worked for me and my father for 50 years.  I lost count of the projects and miracles Billy performed.  I wanted to honor his work ethic and loyalty with this final party as a way of saying thank you.  And we do have a gold pocket watch for Bill–duly engraved with our company name and logo, a vacation trip booked to Billy’s requested destination, and bonus profit sharing check for every year worked for company.  These items will be transient.

One bonus I haven’t mentioned yet has real long term value. The company is also giving Bill the last home he built for us.  God bless you Bill.  Dad would have approved.”