What to do if you are bitten by a tick

It’ scary–you get into the shower, you begin to towel off and you feel a little bump on your upper arm.  Upon closer examination, you think that bump may be a tick because you can see legs still moving.  It seems like the critter has it’s nose buried under your skin.

It’s a holy ______ moment.  You call for help.  “Hey, come on in here and check this out for me, will ya?”.  Low and behold, you verify a tick has burrowed under your skin, is still alive, and you definitely want it out!  Yuck–and a sense of foreboding fear begins to pervade your normally upbeat personality.

Stop, chill a moment, get a tweezers. (very pointy one or one made specifically for tick removal found at your local drug store)  Before getting totally crazy about what may happen, read this article.  It’s sensible and will fill you in on the steps to take immediately and moving forward.  Very importantly–Don’t Panic.  There is a very good chance once the tick is removed, you’ll be just fine.

Take a minute or two to read : What to do if you are bitten by a tick.