Why R/E Agents Don’t Call YOU Back

Totally amazing, isn’t it?  Here you are ready to buy or sell.  You send 3 emails out, make several phone calls, and nobody bothers to get back with you.

You were under the impression that those smiling real estate agent photos meant a warm greeting, an experienced and confident skill set, and willingness to help you buy or sell real estate.  What’s up with folks in the real estate business not caring about GETTING BACK TO YOU?


Reasons . . . From the Agents themselves:


“I am a very important person.  You Mr. Customer or Client should realize my time is more valuable than yours.  I am juggling 15 other files and I don’t have the time to answer your questions.  It’s also 3:00 pm in the afternoon and I have to pick my children up from school in 15 minutes.  Chill out for goodness sake, you only have the biggest sale or purchase in your life on the line and a family to move out in the next 15 days. That isn’t anything to worry about.—JEEZ”


“I work for a very prestigious Real Estate Firm.  We are so large and have so many agents your messages, calls, and emails get mixed up or sent to the wrong office.  When our secretary answers, if she does answer the phone, must check the agent directory to see if who you wish to contact is even at the firm anymore.  So don’t get cranky if you can’t reach me because our firm has all the technology to get the job done.”


“Leave me a message after the tone.”  My cell phone and office phone screen calls for me.  If I see your number come up and need to duck you, your message goes to voice mail.  Since I don’t want to speak with you anyway, I won’t return the call.  I don’t care much about getting you any answers or making your transaction any easier.  Besides my golf partner just called and put together a foursome. I am already late.”

“Well—I suppose you get the message Mr. Customer or Ms. Client: You are not valued, your time and effort means nothing, your money isn’t important, your family will just have to get along, your business isn’t needed, we don’t have the time, energy, motivation or approach that helps you buy or sell real estate.”

“We do have fancy signs, and a super dial up agent feature guaranteed to get you stuck in the phone loop– A great website with pretty photos of our professionals and of course thousands of listings to pour through on your own.”




Where is the attorney’s office located? Don’t know.

Who would you suggest we use for the survey? Don’t know.

How far is the local post office? Don’t know.

What should a home inspection cost and what sort of tests are recommended? Don’t know.

What should we do about the buried oil tank?  Don’t know.

Why do I need a title policy and what is a mortgage transfer tax? Don’t know.

How much are the taxes for this year? And when are they paid? Don’t know.

Do you have a lender I can call? Yes—Wells Fargo



If you are tired of this sort of behavior and wasting time, call me at 845-492-0261.  I answer your questions all day and evening long so you get the answers when you need them.  It’s your time and money on the table and I value your business.  Real Service, Not Lip Service provided.  Lets talk soon.

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