Your Attorney-Lender-Home Inspector

What you need to know in order to close:
Don’t play with your money. Your home purchase is too important. That’s why John Kavaller of Griffith Olivero Realtors has a local Real Estate Provider Team consisting of 2 attorneys, 1 home inspector, 1 lender. The Team insures professional, competent, communicative, and competitive pricing aimed at one goal—Getting Your Property Closed and in your name.

We have learned through painful experience, providers who may be perfectly viable in other geographic areas, don’t have the personal sphere of influence needed in the counties for which we do business.

As a result, challenges that arise become a log jam because your provider doesn’t have the “pull” to constructively overcome the challenge. The lack of appropriate local influence can lengthen closing time by weeks which you certainly don’t want to happen.

There is a big difference between being able to pick up the phone and talk to a contact in a municipality and straighten out a title/tax/probate issue etc., or getting the bureaucratic run around from the clerk who couldn’t care less about you or your problem. Our Provider Team cuts through the red tape and takes care of your business.

In the part of New York we service, you need a:
* Real Estate Attorney * Home Inspector * Lender

Your attorney handles all legal matters. Reviews contracts, Addendums, Title Work, Municipal Reports, Inspection Reports, Escrow, Negotiations (Brokers and Agents Negotiate as well.), special requirements like appropriate Power of Attorney, Probate concerning real property holdings, Property and School Tax items, Municipal and State Taxes, Code Enforcement issues, and many other complexities arising from the sale and purchase of real estate.

Your legal counsel also makes sure your closing statement and funding are 100 percent correct so you’re not over or unduly charged. It’s your money and your attorney protects your best financial position.

It’s well worth having your attorney know the “lay of the land” so issues that arise are more appropriately and rapidly addressed. The difference between using a local title company or an out of town one can mean a smooth, cohesive closing or a nightmare. By the way, the two attorneys we suggest you retain have determined the correct title company to use which relieves you of the burden or hiring one yourself.

Some states use a Title Company to handle these legal functions. In our area of New York, all matters pertaining to the sale and purchase of real property are handled by lawyers. As such, we strongly recommend the following attorneys.

We suggest you call them personally. Each will take the time to explain their fee schedule and policies for completing a real estate transaction.

Jacquelynn Vance-Pauls-Esq-28 Grand Ave,-Middletown-NY 10940
Josh Sapodin-333 Jericho Turnpike-Suite 230-Jericho, New York 11753-1104
Telephone: (516) 921-4400

Robbie Pittelman is an ace mortgage broker with lending experience calculated to please. His wealth of knowledge and product offerings are among the best in the lending industry. Robbie finds the best rates and puts his team to work quickly so your loan approval is in your hand in very short order which means a faster closing for you and your family

Robbie Pittelman-Production Manager- 845-802-6025
312 Wall Street, Suite 1-Kingston, NY 12401- NMLS# 185966

I’ve been working with Matt Costa for many years. He’s one of the best inspectors in the business. He has a wide-ranging service that covers every important area of the inspection process.
As such, we know his reliability and professional standards and that’s why we suggest you call him to arrange your home inspection. You get your inspection completed quickly and full condition disclosures allowing you to evaluate the factual home conditions at your proposed new home.

Matt Costa of CHB Inspections-Phone: 845-798-2100-Fax: 845-985-3047

Our Professional Provider Team Go To Team smooths the way to closing. We’ve worked with each provider on numerous occasions and know they deliver on service, communication, and overall client satisfaction which means a streamlined purchase experience.

Although you may have friends, relatives, or other helpful contacts you’d like to use for some of your real estate needs, we hardily suggest you consider our team to meet the complex and detailed factors involved in the purchase of real property.

You choose providers. We know, however, relying on our Team allows us to do the very best job in getting you to a signed, sealed, and delivered real estate transaction that is legally correct, funded with the best mortgage product, and inspected properly.


John Kavaller, Griffith Olivero Realtors